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to the front of the truck. >> and he struck the windshield with the hammer. at that time, you went back towards the rear of the truck. he said the suspect was yelling incoherently. >> at no time did the man fire his shotgun, and the speed camera operator was not hurt. it ended when the man slipped back into the woods from which she appeared, but a man with a gun on the loose so police closed the bw parkway for hours, as they hunted by land and air ghz they also close the overpass and cross streets in this hotel and retail districts too much since koran of others. >> they have shut down a major highway looking for the guy which is all fine but it seems like a lot of expense and overkill to me. >> and while police are offering no motive for this bizarre incident many drivers around here seem to share one theory.
5:01 pm
>> it seems like an overreaction to the speed camera, that is for sure. >> to him, it is for sure but the police do not know what the motive is. they say the man was yelling but it was nothing that the victim in this case could understand. they have been looking for him for hours, and he has not turned up. they're going over the area for evidence. this remains a very, very strange mystery. brad bell, abc7 news. >> very strange indeed. brad, thanks. a mother accused of leading heard two-year-old child in the car turned herself into they and karen murphy is now out on bond. the story is generating a lot of attention. kris van cleave is in the newsroom. >> there is no doubt that this was a horrible accident, but prosecutors also believe it was a crying. the prosecutor says he will do everything he can to keep them
5:02 pm
from tearing apart a grieving family. she left the prince william county courthouse with your husband at her side, refusing to answer questions. she is a veterinarian walking away charged with felony murder and child neglect. she faces a maximum of 40 years in prison for allegedly for getting her nearly three-year- olds on was in the minivan when she parked it and went to work in june. he died after apparently being left in the van for about seven hours, and prosecutors allege this was actually the second time she forgot him, leaving the toddler in the vehicle for about one-half hour back in january, as well. >> this should be a wake-up call for anybody inclined not to take care of their children. >> fishy is just devastated by this loss. i am surprised that the prosecutor elected to bring these charges. the family has not even had a chance to mourn. >> murphy, who has two
5:03 pm
daughters, surrendered this morning. there is this mug shot. the charge the most severe possible our next. >> obviously the kid is dead but murder? i think that is outrage talking. >> of 40 years. >> know probably not. i am sure she probably did not do it on purpose. >> i think she should be charged, because you know, she should have known that her kid was in the van. >> she has been scheduled for arraignment, but that has been postponed. she will be back in court one week from friday. live from the newsroom, kris van cleave, abc7 news. >> there is a lot of debate about whether karen murphy should be charged in the death of her trial. here are some comments. if you want to comment on this story, go to or to our
5:04 pm
facebook page. leon? another case, this could be casey anthony's last night behind bars. she was convicted of lying to police officers, but due to time she has already served, she could be walking a lot of court a free woman. caroline lyders has more in this controversial case. >> she faces four years behind bars for the misdemeanors she was convicted of yesterday but she has already spent time behind bars, and tomorrow she may go free. >> we find the defendant not guilty. >> from an accused woman facing death wrote to a woman who may go free tomorrow casey anthony has everyone talking -- a woman facing death row to a woman may go free tomorrow. -- who may go free tomorrow. >> they did not show how caylee had died. >> talking about helping to
5:05 pm
dispose of caylee's body but also molesting casey. today, they tried to pick up the pieces. >> that george anthony molested her, certainly george had nothing to do with moving the body. >> one attorney says he still thinks the case against anthony was strong. >> we put on everything, a really thorough investigation over three years. >> she now faces a maximum of four years for her misdemeanor convictions. it is not likely that she will walk. >> if the judge decides not to, she will probably walk on time served. >> a possibility that as people across washington outraged. >> in the neighborhood. >> casey anthony past 996 days in jail. after she is sentenced tomorrow
5:06 pm
morning, she could lead a free woman. caroline lyders come abc7 news. leon? >> thank you. her woes are not over yet. papers are for a defamation lawsuit, as when caylee anthony was missing, casey said that a nanny kidnapped her daughter. police never found that nanny, but they did find an innocent woman with the same name that anthony provided and that woman has now filed a lawsuit. for more go to you will find more there. tonight at 6:00 a look at how the case was handled and the criticism that is now borrowing. with the weather a pretty typical july day. what is in store for tonight? for that we turn to chief meteorologist doug hill in the weather center. doug? >> outside the belfort furniture weather center we have had sunshine the last hour and a half. in fact, live super doppler
5:07 pm
radar shows beneficial rain across the middle peninsula, the northern neck of virginia, southern maryland. this is the type of rain that is beneficial to crops and plants and anything that is growing and it will continue to the south of the metro area. heavy thunderstorms southeast of richmond and the north carolina border towards hampton roads and a lot more over the next couple of days. temperatures in the 80's, but the moisture levels are so high that it feels like over 90. we will drop into the lower 80's overnight, and by morning 68 to 74 degrees. we will have a look at the weekend and your complete forecast in just a bit. >> all right doug, we will see you in a bit. at least one person dead, 12 others injured at a base in california as a helicopter crash in their late this afternoon. that crash also sparked a small
5:08 pm
fire. it is not clear if the people in the helicopter were civilians or members of the military. alison? d.c. mayor vincent gray is beaming up with virginia governor bob mcdonnell in support of an above-ground rail situation at dulles. >> now there is a compromise on the table, from the u.s. transportation secretary but is trying to get everybody to really needs in the middle and so far, nobody is saying anything. the pressure is on. , another big name changes when it comes to where to build they will metro stop at dulles airport. -- where to build the metro stop. in the meantime u.s. transportation secretary ray lahood is trying to find a compromise to the rail debacle.
5:09 pm
local officials allocate the money to pay for it all. the $5 billion project is one of the most expensive construction projects in the country. >> having that discussion and dialogue is important. that is what would be needed to make a good decision. >> the compromise includes stripping several elements of the project from we note -- the mwaa control. >> i think you can save money and built above ground, i think that makes more sense. >> the mwaa airport authority had a meeting today, but they passed to talk about the compromise we are talking about opting to talk about it later this month. natasha barrett, abc7 news. >> thanks natasha. a plea of not guilty after a
5:10 pm
grand jury certification four voluntary manslaughter charges against kin yiu cheung, who admitted to police he fell asleep behind the wheel just before a crash. it was said that he was denied access to counsel and was not advised of his miranda rights. the trial is set for september 12. roger clemens and his perjury trial, and he is accused about illegal performance enhancing drug use during his major league career. he never tested positive, but he is listed in the senate report of alleged steroid users. if convicted he could face 30 years in jail. coming up on abc7 news at 5:00 the accusation of sexual assault of a child and now police want to know if there are other victims out there. an announcement today. changes coming to your social
5:11 pm
networking. we had this idea to get on the train and start dancing. >> this made them a hit on youtube. they busted a move on metro, just ahead. in britain's biggest newspaper is under fire for hacking the telephone of a teenager. a celebrity has been called to
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we have a developing story out of london tonight. the tabloid "news of the world" is accused of sinking to new lows after allegedly hacking into a teenagers telephone. hugh grant has been called to testify in the case. we have the latest. >> just how low would they go? that is a question being asked about a scandal at the racy tabloid "news of the world." the paper has admitted hacking the phones of celebrities, but now, in is about hacking the telephone of a 13-year-old. giving the police and parents false hopes that she was still
5:15 pm
alive. when britain was hit with terrorist bombs, the "news of the world" allegedly had to the telephones of the victims and their family to get more exclusives. >> i still do not know what i think about it. i it really angry. >> if the paper is a flagship of the massive holdings of rupert murdoch here in britain. he also owns the "the times," "the sun," "the sunday times," "sky news," and others. today, the conservative prime minister david cameron announced two government inquiries. >> we are talking about murder victims, potentially terrorist victims, having their telephones tapped into. it is absolutely disgusting. >> at the center of the story is the head of the media empire of rupert murdoch and so far, she has resisted calls to resign in
5:16 pm
and take responsibility. there is no sign of the outrage here diminishing it. there is a mounting advertising boycott of the "news of the robert " ford is just one of the company's saying it does not want to be associated with a company that does not know where to draw the line. abc news london. if president obama made history today with a treat, the white house hosting the first- ever twitter town hall. the president discussed a lot of things taxes, housing, veterans affairs, the space program, but his first-ever tweet was actually a question to his online for all the words. he asked about what caused the they would cut to help the deficit and what investments you would keep. an awesome announcement today. facebook will join with skype to allow video chatting.
5:17 pm
they are rolling out a group chat feature. facebook currently has 750 million users. the final flight of nasa's atlantis, there is a 70% chance that it will be kept from launching, and that will disappoint more than 1 million visitors who are expected at cape canaveral to watch the launch. the weather permitting abc7 will have complete coverage of the flight. we will be live there at cape canaveral starting tomorrow. >> yes a 70% chance, not good. >> that sounds about right. there is a lot of rain across florida, and there will be more, so it will not be every second, but it will keep moving from cuba the florida straits across part of the peninsula. good luck, buddy. >> we will cross our fingers for you. a look around the area, a
5:18 pm
time-lapse taking you to the district at the elementary school. cloudy skies for much of the metro area but as we went through the noon hours the sunshine came out and temperatures starting to warm up but moisture levels are so high, it is very uncomfortable outside. in hagerstown, 91, with the heat index of 92. the winds are calm. 88 degrees know in sterling. 91 is what it feels like. if you hours ago we were in the may 80's. we are seeing more. winchester martinsburg at 91 89 in hagerstown. more clouds and a little cooler. 77 degrees and rain in lexington park. these are the temperatures that tell you the true measure of moisture in the air, and when you add dew point temperatures in the 70's and temperatures in the 80's, it is more
5:19 pm
uncomfortable. it is not going to move in our direction yet. it will be warm and sunny over the weekend and very dry, but until then a lot of heat. some heavy rain. 104 in oklahoma city. 102 in dallas. a lot of heat. for the next couple of days, we will see this combination of very moist air and a cold front approaching from the west. most of the rain continues to move offshore. we talk about the rain in florida. there is a lot of deep tropical moisture coming up across florida the next couple of days. heavy downpours heavy thunderstorms, several inches of rain, and at the tape, that is a 70% chance of rain on friday at least 70%, it looks prepared -- it looks. this is funneling the moisture of the eastern seaboard.
5:20 pm
plenty of opportunities for beneficial rain for us as well but the key will be saturday. winds will turn out of the northwest. it will be breezy with drier air. 79 and muggy tonight with some fog possible. tomorrow isolated thunderstorms midday and a high of 87. we will put our chances and 50% /50%. into the weekend and early next week the humidity levels will start to come back up and then maybe a dry spell. is your place to go for weather information 24 hours a day. click on the tab. again, in this kind of weather, the interactive doppler radar people like to track the storm is closest to them. >> ok, maybe something would change in florida. >> keep your fingers crossed. >> ok. it is time now for our latest wjla facebook giveaway.
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>> our winner gets an itunes gift card. our winner is donna koper. to sign up for a chance, just go to our facebook page, and good luck, everybody. tonight on prime time, "the metal" at 8:00 p.m. and at 10:00 tonight, "nightline special," on casey anthony, the outcome that shocked so many. it wraps up with abc7 news at 11:00. coming up on abc7 news at 5:00 a break-in at a local adult store, and you'll never believe what they found the suspect doing there. you need somebody to lean on. >> how this group is forming a posse to get more kids to college. a group of teenagers are turning some heads on metro trains with their dancing. i will
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5:24 pm
♪ take a look at this. these teenagers got a lot of attention on the metro when they decided to bust out there dance moves. >> on youtube. the high school students and their new-found fame. >> well, leon, this happened
5:25 pm
back on the fourth of july. four teenagers to a one metro car by surprise, and it turned them into a local internet sensation. >> the crowd got into it and we got into it, too. we started taking requests. it was a great night. >> they were called "metro parte guys." it was a dance of that even the cops could not resist. >> it turned into a dance craze and then the cops got into it. >> the group of guys from annandale high school quickly becoming a youtube pit said they were only out to give yo -- riders a lift. >> many people had their phones out, tween. >> the video of the blue line ride is getting clicks' by the
5:26 pm
thousands. it is actually just the type of attention the teenagers say they are trying to bring to their generation. >> you see youtube videos, people our age just going up to metros, fighting or beating up people older than them. it is not a good look on us. >> hoping to cut through the stereotypes, they are showing they can make headlines for all of the right reasons and more is exactly what they have got in store. >> for whoever is lucky enough to see as on their training, you will get a show. >> they hope it will become a trend, and this first video is just the beginning for them. you can check out the video on our website, abc7 news, autria godfrey. >> some fancy footwork. >> in heard my hip just watching. coming up on abc7 news at
5:27 pm
5:00 the dalai lama celebrates his birthday in d.c. with a very special friend. and there is something going on in this shopping center parking lot that has some concern. i am suzanne kennedy. the story is coming up. i am leon holmes and there is an accusation of the sexual
5:28 pm
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5:30 pm
captioned by the national captioning institute a leesburg daycare employee is in custody accused of assaulting an four-year-old child. >> brad minor from chesterbrook academy. rihanna homes has more. >> it to please months to gather enough evidence to charge him, but now they want to know if the suspect abuse and the other children. this is the man that police say sodomized a girl. a worker for the chesterbrook academy in downtown leesburg. >> that is evil. >> horrible, just horrible. >> the incident minor is in jail for allegedly happened in march.
5:31 pm
a woman picking up per daughter said that she said something horrible happened to her in school. >> we had enough to charge this child with one case of forcible sodomy. >> i had heard wonderful things about chesterbrook. it disgusts me in scares me. >> the academy did not reveal what job he held at the school. parents we talked to today were angry and disgusted. >> i have kids of my own. i could not even imagine what the parents are thinking. what was going through that person's head when he was doing something like this. it is sick yes, disgusting. >> it is just shocking that someone could do something like that to such a young innocent child. >> chesterbrook released a statement saying that he was suspended immediately after the
5:32 pm
allegation was made in march. he underwent a complete criminal background check before they hired him, and the school is continuing to complete the cooperate in the police investigation. reporting live, horace holmes abc7 news. it is time now to update tonight's top stories. a man attacked a speed camera truck. around 11:30 police say the man emerged from the woods just south of the baltimore washington parkway. they say he was screaming and banging on the event. the driver was not hurt. a mother in virginia is out of jail on bond. karen murphy is charged in the murder of her two-year-old son ryan. she allegedly forgot him and left in the back of a hot car for seven hours. if convicted, she faces a maximum of 40 years in jail. tonight could be the last
5:33 pm
night for casey anthony in jail. after spending some three years in jail awaiting her murder trial, she could walk free on time served. yesterday, a jury found anthony not guilty of killing her two- year-old daughter caylee. a big problem at a.t.c. shopping center, a number of cars stolen from the parking lot in front of the home depot on rhode island avenue right in the middle of the day. suzanne kennedy is live on the scene with just how bad this problem has become. >> the people who have had their cars stolen are absolutely stunned this is happening in broad daylight in the parking lot you see behind me, which is very busy during most parts of the day, with customers and day laborers searching for work. a quick stop for supplies at the home depot this week and left this woman without a car. >> i had my car and i wielded everywhere looking for my car
5:34 pm
and i was thinking, am i crazy? but it was gone. >> people are having their cars stolen in broad daylight at the rhode island shopping center. >> they need to have a roving patrol. how many thousands of dollars of cars are being stolen out there each week? >> she said police said at its worst, up to 5 cars per day are being stolen. some cars are armed with a club to keep them from the would-be thieves. >> is just ridiculous. you are at work, and as soon as you get off work, your car is stolen. >> this resident shops here twice a week and is concerned her car might be next. >> i think we need more police control. i think the police need to, and patrol, and the war -- those people who are bordering should be asked to leave.
5:35 pm
>> we did see officers in the officer today, two cruisers going around in the parking lot throughout the morning. residents here are hoping that will make a difference. reporting live in northeast washington suzanne kennedy abc7 news. >> thanks suzanne. police have arrested a u.s. army soldier in a compromising position. justin dale little jim was arrested for allegedly breaking into the mvp store and inside they found little jim inside with a blowup doll. he is being held. police say a man was driving drunk when he rear-ended a police cruiser sending an officer to the hospital. this was on route 15 just passed rosemont ave. they say the man had a blood alcohol level of 0.11 just after
5:36 pm
that crash. the officer was treated and released from the hospital. hour drive to stay alive campaign continues today in prince george's county. police assimilated a car rolled over. the goal was to educate those on aggressive driving. police also announced the news from a program. so far officers have issued 46,000 citations and warnings for aggressive driving. it looks like metro is falling short of its own goal when it comes to keeping escalators up and running. if more than 100 were out of service. that is more than one in six. there is a target goal to keep 90% of the escalators open at any time. metro says it is due to an increase in inspections, which forces more of these escalators to close down for repairs. a check now on the evening
5:37 pm
commute. we are watching things. mike? >> on southbound 395 it is slow. slow from newington to woodbridge. north on 95 at the occoquan, an accident blocking the right lane. slow on the beltway to nutley. let's switch our view and take a look at the beltway and river road. it is low between the legion bridge to river road. have backed up again on georgetown. new hampshire to georgia. then slow on the outer loop to braddock road, where an accident blocks two lanes. some heavy delays at northbound 270. it is slow again through clarksburg. leon alison, back to you. preparing students for college. it needs in this week's heroes, coming up next. and coming of new at 6:00, a warning by tsa officials.
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for many high school graduates in the washington,
5:41 pm
d.c. area -- one local organization helps them get into and pay for college and also makes sure that they graduate, by sending them off in a posse of fellow students. if that makes them this week as harris -- this week's harris' heroes. in a matter of months, each of these students is heading off to college in unfamiliar territory armed with their fellow posse members. college was not high on the 17- year-old's list until a few years ago. >> believe in yourself. >> sophomore year, i decided i had to do something. >> but in the fall, he is off to college in iowa. to help them deal with the culture shock and the heavy class workload he will have other students with them. >> having this academic support
5:42 pm
this social, this emotional support, all of us is succeeding. >> if the policy foundation partners with a number of top universities around the country to provide scholarships to students they find in non- traditional. one woman says some of the students come from challenging background themselves and may be the first generation in their families to attend college but all demonstrate potential. >> so we have the senior class president, but we also have some who are leaders in their community or their grids so it is a very diverse group. >> posse d.c. has awarded full tuition scholarships to more than 300 students, and of those who have graduated so far, get this 60% of them have brought their knowledge that year and are working in the d.c. area. for the others, they are in graduate school right now. alison? >> that is great.
5:43 pm
it goes full circle, back here, working in d.c. the winter olympics 2018 city is announced. a happy birthday celebration for the dalai lama. he is in washington for a
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
today is the birthday of the dalai lama. >> greta kreuz was there for the big event today. ♪ >> thousands chanted and paraded from the verizon center to the mall a colorful, happy 76th birthday for the dalai lama. >> i am a buddhists so i am here to celebrate his birthday. >> everything, our leader, our god, our everything. >> there is an 11-day colored chakra slant on stage by other pc makers. mahatma gandhi and the son of
5:47 pm
martin luther king jr.. followers cannot wait for his teachings. but he has political poll, too. it a d.c. council member brown receiving a scarf, noting that the dublin, has been puzzled by the lack of voting rights in the district. >> speaking out. >> in nepal, a much different scene, people arrested for celebrating the birthday of the dalai lama, for fear of stirring up and die chinese sentiment. -- stirring up anti-china sentiment. an elected prime minister in exile. but he is still very much a spiritual leader, and thousands of people have come from all over the world to see him. >> he is just so down to earth and real. >> it is not known whether he will meet with president obama but he will give a talk on the
5:48 pm
west lawn of the capital. greta kreuz, abc7 news. a woman on the mission to heal the world through touch was there today. the so-called "hugging saint" hugged people who stopped by to see her. she will be there tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. as part of a tour of america. >> there were a lot of hudgens. the 2018 winter olympics will be held in south korea for the first time. pyeongchang was chosen as the host city. it beat out munich, germany, and annecy france. pyeongchang will be the first asian city outside japan to host these games. the royal newlyweds are on
5:49 pm
day seven of their north american tour. prince william and kate left this morning to visit alberta. a town devastated by wildfires back in may. they plan to meet with many families there. william and qaeda greeted the crowd and took a canoe trip. look at william trying out the national sport of hockey. -- william and k.t. greeted the crowd -- and kate. all right let's see what is coming up on abc7 news at 6:00. >> maureen bunyan is here with a look at that. >> tonight at 6:00 a very sad story. a virginia teenager is in custody and charged with murder. plus, at the white house president obama held a twitter town hall today. those stories are just ahead and, of course much more on abc7 news at 6:00. >> good deal.
5:50 pm
>> all right. let's check out what is happening weatherwise. we have a nationals game. >> the rain is moving to the south and east of the city. good ballpark weather tonight. let's get a start with a look at what is happening at chesapeake beach and on the chesapeake bay. still kind of cloudy but there is more in the way of sunshine. temperatures warm, 93 right now in martinsburg. the dewpoint is in the low 60's. that is not a bad combination. it is comfortably heated with a temperature of 89 degrees in ashburn. we are going to see a lot of rain over the next couple of days. i was talking about tropical moisture is, and you can see on the bottom of your screen, tropical moisture from cuba, south florida, into the gulf. this will be pushing northward through florida. a great relief for the drought but it will pose a threat to the
5:51 pm
friday launch of the space shuttle, and then we will have numerous showers and thunderstorms the next couple of days. mid 80's across the area, 86 at washington dulles, and it will be sunny and hot and humid tomorrow with thunderstorms likely in the afternoon. it may start with some fog a high of 93 and then more showers on friday. for the weekend it will be dry air and much less humid so a good summer weekend. the next chance for showers will come our way on tuesday. that is the latest. leon alison, back to you. what is going on? >> this is how fast they were. but they hung in there. a player on the field. they are guaranteed to advance to the quarterfinals, but a win would give the u.s. something
5:52 pm
better. 3-0 against sweden in the world cup, but can they do it again? just barely getting by. this put sweden up 1-0. and then the u.s. down in the second half. i think she got the shoulder on that one. on the board. but the story was the chances for the u.s. a one-time colleague it misses the mark and the u.s. falls. they will play brazil on sunday. and speaking of brazil this is a shot to put it away. brazil prevailed again. they went 3-0. well here is a sign of how desperate the nfl lockout is getting. there was a website that invoked the theme of a classic movie to poke fun at what really is america's game with one of the popular young movie stars. take a look.
5:53 pm
>> they will come. >> you know you are always welcome here. >> are you a ghost? >> i just walked two miles through a cornfield. let's play some football. >> "let's place of a popular " you have got to love it. there is even a cameo from kevin costner in the end. the website released a statement saying it is the biggest on-line production in its four-year history. i do not know. the redskins have a camp scheduled for july 28. you have got to love kevin costner in there. >> that is hilarious. i have to watch the rest of that. after the show. all right, folks. up next on abc7 news jobs. >> who is doing background checks?
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
questions are surfacing over the d.c. summer jobs program. >> the questions surround the background checks conducted on adult employees. sam ford is live in northeast washington with the story. sam? >> a.t.c. government employee is in jail for second-degree touching of a minor in an incident that allegedly took place last week here at d.c. employment services headquarters and there are questions why a man with his background would be around kids. >> it was sort of sickening. >> police arrested thomas nelson, a file clerk here at employment services, for the sexual touching of a teenaged girl, prompting some to wonder why they were exposed to such a man, out of prison after spending time for robbery and
5:58 pm
assault. >> they were trusting that their kids were going to be in a safe environment. >> in a press conference, the director admitted the recently admitted man did not lie on his application if he had been asked if he had been arrested in the last 10 years. >> the way the individual responded was, in fact, accurate to the question that was posed. >> mayor vincent gray called this alarming. >> the city which has hired many young people is telling young people to come forward if an incident occurs. >> is an adult environment and we are an urban environment, where there are these types of crimes, so we have to be cognizant of it. >> if you work in different departments, then we have to be around and do the background checks. >> police are investigating a similar assault that took place
5:59 pm
involving 19 year-old female summer youth worker at anacostia high school. however, that did not involve a d.c. employee. it involved a construction worker or a contractor at the high school. so far police have not made an arrest in that case. reporting live from northeast washington sam ford, abc7 news. >> thanks for that, sam. that is it for abc7 news at 7:00. at 6:00, president obama holds the first twitter town hall. , and the future for casey anthony. her acquittal sent shock waves around the country. now, the money she stands to make after this trial. and police search for a man and a hammer after a speed camera vehicle was attacked along the highway. abc7 news at 6:00 starts right now. captioned by the national captioning institute

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